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Digital learning & work verification platform for frontline teams. Built for teams installing and servicing solar, energy storage, and EV charging equipment.

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Manage every step from installer onboarding to quality control

Onboard team members & contractors
Digital learning
with interative workflows
Assign work orders with workflows to complete
Track inputs and verify progress live
Capture data and generate reports

Built for teams powering the energy transition


Digitize installation, commissioning, and servicing documentation to quickly bring on service partners and enforce quality of work.

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Dispatch and track work orders to crews knowing the right process is followed every time. Share workflows with owners for self-service.

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Funders & Sector Enablers

Standardize commissioning and operations to provide clear guidance across portfolios and ensure ongoing compliance over the full asset life.

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SOPs & manuals come to life

Work Instructions

Standardize processes and share critical knowledge across sites and locations


Collect real-time inputs and data from the field for monitoring and reporting

Safety and Labor Compliance

Build in health and safety and labor standard checks as work is done

Build a resource library in minutes

One central place for your frontline network to find relevant documentation, training, and processes, searchable on desktop and mobile phone. Pull from 100+ best practice templates in the illu library.

Seamlessly embed in work orders and tickets

Create jobs for any frontline work
Delegate work across remote teams with clear instructions
Embed clear instructions with workflow cards
Supercharge field technicians and ensure accountability
Track progress from anywhere
See updates all in one place and generate reports for completed work
Generate client-ready reports
One-click reports from work orders to easily keep internal & external stakeholders informed

Verify progress & accuracy in the flow

Photo capture and markup
Take, upload, and markup photos on specific steps to verify work done or identify issues
Numbers and data inputs
Record specific inputs such as error codes, voltage measurements, or asset SKUs on the relevant step
Selections and confirmations
Confirm actions are done or report failures on steps
Notes and snags
Record extra notes or flag issues to the team on any step of the process

Supercharge your frontline team and installer partners today

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Open API powerfully integrates with existing tools

illu offers a powerful API to integrate with your CRM, ERP, or CMMS systems. Trigger work orders when error alarms occur, or automatically create new sites when projects are green-lit.

Detailed API docs here

Let us do the work for you

Whether you have full sets of instructional PDFs/docs or nothing at all, we can help your team get deployment-ready faster.

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Upgrade existing documentation

Send whatever you have and illu will convert them into beautiful digital workflows

Develop processes from scratch

Our experts can create documentation and visual content covering your processes

Deployment strategy & planning

From initial pilot to global scale-up, illu can support your processes on the ground

Team onboarding & training

Briefing and training sessions to ensure everyone is on the same page

See what our users are saying

"illu provides a world class technological solution, and working with the team has been a smooth process to get our mini-grid operations in order."

Allen Himes
CEO, Indigo Energy

"Illu has been a game-changer for our installation process. I can't recommend Illu highly enough for any organization looking to optimize its operations."

Christopher Cashen
Technical Support Manager, Mango Power

"Illu is helping fill a clear gap for our field operations, and their mission-oriented team is a joy to work with."

Will Heegaard
Operations Director, Footprint Project

"illu's digital workflow methodology used is very structured and clear and the team have done a spectacular job!"

Clementine Chambon
COO, Oorja Solutions

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