Illuminate your Microgrid Operations

Software that takes the headache
out of your operations and maintenance

We know what it takes to keep microgrids running.

The ILLU team has built and operated remote microgrids in Myanmar. We understand how messy and challenging maintenance on these systems can be, and have created ILLU specifically for these needs.

See your operations in one place

See your operations in one place

Calendar view shows all live and upcoming tasks
Incident Management
Quickly turn alarms and support requests into jobs, and track follow-up progress
Preventative Maintenance
Set up recurring jobs for scheduled work and make sure it gets done
Customer Management
Track customer data, billing, and meter readings with core CRM functionality in one app
Assets and Parts
Track asset maintenance, usage, and purchases with core ERP functionality in one app
Job Management

O&M management
as easy as 1-2-3


Create jobs for any O&M Work
Delegate work across remote teams with clear instructions


Embed clear guidance with workflow cards
Supercharge field technicians and ensure accountability


Track progress from anywhere
See updates all in one place, even for work done while offline
Workflow Cards

Guidance more powerful than any checklist

  • Present any workflow as a series of simple steps
  • Embed health and safety requirements
  • Collect real time input
  • Library of best-practices by industry experts


ILLU provides a world class technological solution, and working with the team has been a smooth process to get our mini-grid operations in order.
Indigo Energy
ILLU’s approach to standardizing troubleshooting with clear steps and inputs is extremely helpful to the O&M processes on our solar water farms.
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