Why We Built illu

Developing microgrids in Myanmar taught us
field work drives the success of distributed generation.

Our goal is to make deploying, operating, and maintaining distributed renewable energy in the field as easy as possible

Over the past two years, the illu team built, consulted, and operated more than a dozen microgrids across Myanmar. One consistent challenge we encountered was coordinating and ensuring high quality field work.

We realized that purpose-built software is critical to ensure clarity and accountability in all aspects of daily operations, especially for remote teams with limited communication. We built illu as a home base to illuminate the field work critical to deploying, operating, and maintaining microgrids.

Clear, standardized work instructions so field technicians know exactly what to do

First and foremost, we wanted a software platform that put the needs of field technicians at its core. When working on site, the last thing technicians want is to be juggling manuals, checklists, and work orders to figure out what to do and how to report it.

illu's "workflow" framework lets organizations turn any process into strikingly simple step-by-step cards. This way, technicians have all the information they need at their fingertips. Inputs and records are integrated all in one place so technicians can leave track readings, record comments, and save photos as they swipe through the workflow.

Moreover, illu makes it easy to embed health and safety requirements within your work instructions. This way, field teams can build a culture of safety and reliability as a part of their daily work process, not as a standalone requirement.

One command center for all field operations

Field teams are often handling a variety of work on their trips to site. illu's software enables field teams to track all their activities in one place, whether it's incident response, preventative maintenance, site inspection, commissioning, customer support, or anything else.

Stop juggling messaging apps, spreadsheets, and loose documents to manage different types of field work. illu's software platform keeps all field work in one place, so managers can efficiently plan and schedule work across the full team and portfolio, and every knows exactly what needs to be done.

Keep track of work no matter where you are

Each job in illu keeps a record of updates in its own activity feed , whether it's workflows completed, deadlines changed, or new team members assigned. This way, progress is tracked for reporting without burdensome retroactive documentation.

illu's robust offline functionality allows users to bookmark upcoming jobs to be available offline. This way, field technicians can follow workflows, and log updates on work even in the most remote contexts. When they come back online, updates are automatically synced to the app, so the full team can see their progress.

No matter what algorithms you have or what battery tech you’ve installed, someone will need to go and install it, commission it, maintain it, and fix it.

illu helps reduce OPEX and improve system uptime by streamlining field work and supercharging your field technicians.

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